Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boys will be boys

I have a sneaky suspicion that I will have lots of blog entries with this title.

Let's start with the little one. He is all over the place. He started crawling on August 16, just 30 minutes after we told a friend who was staying with us that he hadn't started to crawl. It was a very awkward army crawl. However, in a few days time, Thomas had figured it out. He is still army crawling, but it's more together. Since then, he is rocking up on his knees. We decided to drop his bed down because of all the crawling. A little more than a week later, I got a surprise when I went to get Thomas from his nap. He was sitting up in his bed. Out came the Allen wrench and down with went the bed, again. Yesterday, after I had finished feeding Thomas, I put him down for his nap. I went to his door to fix the gate. Wanting to glance up one more time at my sweet boys bed, I got another surprise. Thomas was standing in his crib and chewing on the rails. I got Hayden and we watched Thomas for several minutes while he sat down and then stood up again. Then a nervous thought. Thomas could use the bumper pad to climb out of the crib. So, I brought in the pack and play for nap time. When Larry got home, he dropped the bed again. It's now at the lowest level.

As for Hayden, he has a few new phrases:

"This is ridiculous"

"Don't do that, it's dangerous"

"Thomas, we don't eat our toys, we eat pood (food)"

He started school today. He was so excited, even running around the living room singing a "school" song he made up. When he got home from school, the fun began. One day last week, Hayden decided to open his door. This was a first for us. Up until this point, Hayden had no desire to open his door. He simply chose to stay in his room and play when he woke up in the morning and from his nap. So, we put a gate at his door so that we could try and contain "Hurricane Hayden". He now wants to have the door open. Not a problem for us. Today, I was packing up some things in the kitchen and I ran out of tape. On my way to the hallway closet, I peeked in on Hayden. What I saw clearly wasn't what I expected. Hayden had decided that he needed some powder. Then he decided that it might be a good idea to see what his room would look like covered in baby powder. It looked like Christmas. I was in shock. All I could do was laugh, trying not to have Hayden see the laughing. Larry and I spent quite a while cleaning up all the mess. On a positive note, Hayden's room smells great and all his toys got a "wash down".

Until Later,

Larry, Kori, "Hurricane Hayden" and "Tornado Thomas"

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